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The Sweet Science

The Sweet Science

Photographed by Cyndi Elledge
Stories produced by Laura Weber-Davis

An audio-visual exhibition about strength and limitless possibility featuring voices of the youth at Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit

The Sweet Science is audio-visual storytelling exhibition of youth from the Downtown Boxing Gym in Detroit (DBG). The youth of the DBG gather every afternoon to study with tutors and train with coaches. They find strength in the ring and the classroom and learn to navigate the limitlessness of life’s possibilities.

Detroit photographer Cydni Elledge and audio storyteller Laura Weber-Davis have collaborated to present formative moments in the lives of four young boxers through their own words as they prepare to take on the world before them.

Since its inception in 2007, DBG has provided students with mentorship, community service opportunities, and academic and athletic enrichment. Although the program incorporates the art and skill of boxing, founder Khali Sweeney has designed a curriculum that focuses primarily on “books before boxing,” and as a result, 100% of DBG students have graduated from high school over the last 10 years.

Previously displayed at Downtown Boxing Gym on Detroit’s Eastside.

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