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Home on the Range

Home on the Range

Told by Shelby Jouppi
Photographed by Sean Work

Stories that explore family, responsibility and human connection with the natural world.

Home on the Range is an audio-visual storytelling experience that depicts the sport and tradition of recreational shooting in Southeast Michigan. Storyteller Shelby Jouppi and photographer Sean Work have collaborated to present narratives of metro Detroit families and communities who come together through this beloved pastime.

By exploring the heritage, camaraderie and values of gun hobbyists, this exhibition gives a unique look into the diversity our region.

Previously displayed at the Department of Natural Resources Outdoor Adventure Center on Detroit’s Riverfront and at The Loft Fine Art during the Made in Michigan Show in Mt. Clemens.

Meet the Artists

Shelby Jouppi

Shelby Jouppi is a multimedia reporter at 101.9 WDET. With a passion for constructive, honest messages and their impact on the world, Shelby strives to wield her media “powers” for good, and not evil. View website.

Sean Work

Sean Work is a Detroit-based photojournalist. His work sets out to take the audience to places they haven’t been and show them what it’s like to be there. Sean hopes that his work can make us think more deeply about important issues. View website.

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