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Journey to Bubble Metropolis

Journey to
Bubble Metropolis

Photographed by Corine Vermeulen
Told by Conor Anderson

An audio-visual storytelling exhibition of contemporary underground dance communities in Detroit

Journey to Bubble Metropolis is an audio-visual storytelling experience that illustrates the diverse bodies of people from various origins, identities and backgrounds that are united by electronic music.

As a part of photographer Corine Vermeulen’s “The Walk-in Portrait Studio” (2009-present), this exhibition presents recent portraits taken at electronic music events within Detroit. The images are coupled with audio stories by producer Conor Anderson, and include the voices of community members like Cornelius Harris of Underground Resistance, Julisa Abad, LGBTQ rights advocate, and DJ Terri “WhoDat” McQueen.

Experience their work as it observes various communities where electronic music is the foundation for belonging.

Previously displayed at  El Club in Southwest Detroit and Affirmations in Ferndale, a Michigan nonprofit community center serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender population in southeast Michigan.


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